Sunday, June 27, 2010

Twenty Years had Passed Since Then

Twenty years had passed since then
Young and dreamy they had been
Passion driven, that was when
They thought they'd found their way to heaven

Now their eyes reflected hair
gone gray and straight from years of care
No more blinded by the glare
of faces once so smooth and fair

Where lust once ruled now friendship reigns
Where feeling governed mind has gained
Like knees and joints that now complain
They talk of dreams that time has maimed

Drag of memory once so strong
Progress held in check so long
Knot unbound, the burden gone
Their paths once crossed, then life went on

And here they cross once more today
Oh, the tricks that time does play
What felt so close, like yesterday
Is really very far away

He doesn't love her anymore
Was this the man she'd once adored
Wounds have healed, no longer sore
Waves break calm on a sandy shore

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