Monday, November 5, 2012

You Used to Run Across this Sand

You used to run across this sand
Your breath, your heat, your straw blond hair: the chemistry of you
impressed the sand, diverted waves, colored the air
An essence like flame, invisible in light,
a hearty presence at night amidst
the mist, glowing in the white halo of the moon,
against black water laced with white strips of roaming foam,
in forever rushing receding clunky roar
You, a swelling in the air, ghostly flower flame, still running, still girlish, still vital; still.
Oh, I touch the sand and feel your warmth
I ply the waves and feel your splash
I breathe the air and taste your breath
Your footprints are still here, and though long ago gone
you are still here:
separated from me only by time