Friday, March 3, 2017

You left too soon (In memory of Jim)

Hey man,
You left too soon.
Nobody wanted you to go.
You should have asked before you left.

What's going on?
Was it getting hard?
We would have told you to stay.
The world goes on; but we're most bereft.

Sure, it was
up to you.
You're life was draining, I know.
Still this smacks of mortally unfair theft.

Hey man,
We're waiting, you know,
For you to come back, you know,
the door's still open.
We don't mind you took a rest.

But, okay, if you decide
to stay, if you feel a little better
far away, if you've found a better,
healing way

Well, good.
But let us know, somehow.
Tell us what you're doing, how you are.
Ah, but you've had your say, done your deeds.
You cleared a field upon this world
and closed the door.

We'll try to understand, that maybe this was planned, to go forever, to go
for good.
But hey man, you'll be missed, man, for what was best, for that was best.