Thursday, August 11, 2011

Deep Summer

Light recedes, shadows creep 'cross
Simmering city streets
Sidewalks cool in the shallows of the shade

Sultry days, swamp hot nights
This steamy teapot life
Her body slick with sweat as she gets laid

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Message in a Bottle (unfinished)

The message in a bottle weaves a trail through wind-blown bream
Bobbing and drifting among the swells
No light reflects, no darkness hides its voyage
on the generating stream

Until against the shallows rolling peaks begin to foam
Tilting and tumbling, collapsing waves
Swift breaking curls, chaotic mass, it rides
on the ever charging comb

While surfing on the dashing waves, it's finally thrown ashore:
when Sifting through boxes among the shelves
I knock one down, it breaks apart and spits
out her letter on the floor

My tingling fingers penetrate what I had set adrift
Pulsing and seething, the air recedes
the past bursts in, alive again, I reel
at the momentary rift

A fragrance wafting through the air conducts a pungent past
Phantoms and shadows recall themselves
Faint echoes claim their voice again, they form
a reconstituted cast

Now throbbing through my dusty blinds, the yellow streaming sun
Rhythm's familiar; I know that shade!
The almanac corroborates my claim
It's exactly the same one

Friday, May 20, 2011

Mourning Song

From this earth her beauty's passed,
and wracked by loss we weep in pain.
Vain tears of sorrow fill our eyes,
but unbeknownst to breaking hearts,
also blur our view
of that time, that place beyond this mottled, mortal world
where we will meet again.

Friday, February 18, 2011

If when you remember me

If when you remember me,
Whenever my form takes place in thee,
Tears flood your eyes in honor of me.
Then our bond shall never sever,
As merging with eternity,
I shall live forever
in your haunted memory

But when the light behind your eyes
goes out, when the world no longer tries
to wake you, when your memory finally dies,
Who will be there to remember?
Whose will will make sure ours survives?
Or will forever vanish
in the morrow's grave sunrise?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Birth of Time

Shan't a moment passes by
The leaves reflect the cloudy sky
The moment's gone and round again
Birth of time, now and then

Captured light falls through the trees
Sailing wind throws off a breeze
Shadows circling, bound for night
Time is creeping out of sight

Burning air and rainbow peaks
Orange red purple shimmers streak
Another chime, another way
For time to strike another day

Monday, January 10, 2011


New year's in, old year's out.
I want to shout
with happiness
that that mess,
won't happen again.