Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Seagull

Glistening seagulls don't complain
about the wet, about the rain,
floating on a hard sea wind
just outside my window pane.

Crashing blows come wave by wave,
flinging surf-born stormy spray,
Herring swimming 'neath white caps,
don't know how cold it is today.

The seagull roosts upon a log,
blending into racing fog.
Splat'ring dots of rain on glass;
ocean sands turn into bog.

Folded wings in restful pose
spread a bit in gusty blows,
then settle back. I see it all
in misty sea dreams while I doze
beside my window, the sea my show.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Forest Stream

River roaring, water pouring
over walls of rock.
Bubbles seething, upwells heaving,
gurgling waters talk

Brown leaves floating, insects boating,
slowly swirling pool.
Shadows bathing, green ferns wading,
lapping in the cool

Rapids flashing, white foam dashing,
gouging out the shore
Branches dunking, boulders clunking,
surging corridor.

Ripples glitter, fir trees shiver,
trembling pines and leaves.
Whirlpool whirling, backwash curling,
in the sudden breeze.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Thanks to Them

Gotta hand it to them,
to them the credit they're due.
All is owed their courage:
their lives instead of you.

Fire raids that take the cake,
bombs that smash the view,
storms of props that fill the air,
trading blood for you.

White hot concrete flat as stone,
taking planes out from the blue.
White hot sands spell paradise,
and set the stage for you.

You'd never have been ever born
to live as you now do.
Or met me in the victor's land
where I found love with you.

The winners also losers,
thousands never knew
the bliss of life, the gorgeous time
that I have known with you.